Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is it worse to tan in the sun or tanning bed?

Apparently the u/v effects are stronger in a tanning salon. So both are bad. You can safely tan by applying sunscreen with 20spf tanning lotion and bake for only 15 minutes on each side each day, In natural sun. But a lot of people would recommend not to do any. Fake tanning supposed to be the safest.

Is it worse to tan in the sun or tanning bed?
apparently you have not watched Final Destination III.
Reply:tanning bed
Reply:tanning bed is worse as the sun does give you vitamins,although only one type.
Reply:i think theyre as bad as each other,if you're in the sun use suncream
Reply:yuk. stay out of the sun if possible. you'll regret it when you get to 35 + and your skin is 20 years older than it should be.

You want to look 20 at 30, not look 40.
Reply:do what suit you better
Reply:I seem to remember something I read once, it said sunbeds were safer because they filtered certain harmfull rays.
Reply:both are bad!
Reply:I live in australia so for me the sun is far worse (hole in the ozone layer :( )
Reply:I'm aware that tanning is bad. OK! From personal experience, I have found that it caused much less skin damage when I used a tanning bed than the real sun. But, when you are in a tanning booth or bed those rays don't just stop at your skin, They go on through to your organs and i'm pretty sure those little glasses will not stop you from getting cataracts. I'm pretty sure the fake and bake is worse for your health. Keeping that in mind from a vanity point of view fake and bake is quick and easy.
Reply:oh tanning bed is the last option for you to consider..since it has 2 major con's - it gives your unnatural tan, orange and it gives more damage to your skin. Just run to the beach and get a healthy looking tan..since summer is near and the temperature is rising up. don't forget to put on sunscreen :D
Reply:tanning beds r bad...

Tanning Lotion...Australian Gold Beach in a Bottle.. anyone tried it?

Anyone tried Australian Gold Beach in a Bottle? Is it any good, does it work? Can you use it for an all over body application? Just scared of what to use b/c everything makes me look horrible. Thanks for the answers. :-)

Tanning Lotion...Australian Gold Beach in a Bottle.. anyone tried it?
Don't know about that one, but "Believe" is really good. I'm fair skinned so I have to be careful with what I use. It works well and smells pretty good too. Good luck!

What is some great tanning lotion to use outside to help with tanning darker quicker?

Use a bronzer lotion that you put on and then an hour or two later its a litter darker tint, you can get it at your local tanning booth.

How do these sunless tanning lotions compare in creating dark deep tans: Fake Bake, St. Tropez, Neutrogena?

Fake Bake and St. Tropez don't have different levels like Neutrogena (light, medium, deep). I've used Neutrogena deep and it gets pretty dark. Do Fake Bake and St. Tropez get as dark or darker? The light and medium sunless tanners really don't make a difference on my skin.

Secondly, how do the scents compare? Neutrogena doesn't smell great. I can't wait to shower the scent off. I'd like to try St. Tropez or Fake Bake if they get at least as dark.

Please only answer if you've tried one of the above mentioned.

How do these sunless tanning lotions compare in creating dark deep tans: Fake Bake, St. Tropez, Neutrogena?
I use a L'oreal one, in a spray and it is excellent, there is another one that is a bronzer, and that is excellent. Try those if you get them where you are.


How do I get rid of self tanning streaks and patches?

I used self tanner, and i have streaks and patches an dthey look gross =/ ... also, how do i spread it more evenly?

How do I get rid of self tanning streaks and patches?
Stop using self tanners. They are prone to looking streaky. If you are not going to do that then exfoliate your skin prior to using self tanner and use a self tanner that you can see where you are adding it. Some products look a certain color, so you can tell what you are doing.
Reply:I heard lemon juice helps, but it might remove a majority of the color.

What is the best way to get tan without using a tanning bed or spray on tan?

Is there a good brand of lotion or another product that is affordable and doesn't turn you orange? Please have it be available at drugstores.

What is the best way to get tan without using a tanning bed or spray on tan?
Dove® Energy Glow™ Daily Moisturizer with Subtle Self-Tanners

works for me.

the soaps worked even better for tanning

the moisturizer is about $7-$9 at drugstores(less at walmart)

the soap for 3 bars is about .....$4 or so

bring enough for both

but if you can only get one, get the soap (you'd use it more and it works better)
Reply:go tanning in the sun or use sumthing like jergins natural glow. hope this helps sweetie.
Reply:One word........... SUN! ......Winter time? Sorry!
Reply:either use the SUN or use a lotion that gradually makes you darker, like sublime glow or jergens natural glow.
Reply:makeup, or this lotion from i think St Ives that you put on everyday and it will make you tan... just dont do too much on your feet cause it makes them REALLY dark.. adn it doesnt make you orange :)
Reply:pretty impossible to do without either of those things you mentioned.

i'm going to assume where you are at the sun ain't shinning?
Reply:Put that bikini on and go out side and show that body off!!!
Reply:Copper-tone and Loreal. They both do a great job-
Reply:the normal way. Sun=tan

its free too
Reply:It's called put on a swimsuit and go outside in the sun.
Reply:try some tanning lotion
Reply:There is some stuff u can get from SEPHORA it is a type of lotion that turns u dark and its called BRONZER. Or a type of lotion from VICTORIA'S SECRET called sparkle u up and Bronze ur BODY. OR THE EASIEST ONE U STUPID IDIOT A NATURAL TAN GO TO THE BEACH OR SOMEWHERE NICE AND SUNNY AND LAY DOWN AND GET A NATURAL TAN DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IDIOT BOYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
Reply:jergans is a very good brand
Reply:i think bronzer looks more natural and healthy,plus it's light on your skin

Tanning salons...?

if you have ever been there can you tell me what you have to do and what happens and what do you need to wear...and what were your results??

Tanning salons...?
yes let me tell you. i use to go to tanning beds.i looked great. had a beauitful tan year round.and as we all know every one looks better with a tan right? theres one thing that will ruin a good tan.its called CANCER. now i have a huge hole and a huger scare where they had to remove half of my back. skin cancer is one of the fast growing and most deadly cancer you can have. my cancer can come back at any time. i worry every day about that. if you thing im trying to scare the hell out of you then you would be right. take it from me its not worth the risk. spend 20 minutes a day no more then 3 times a week in the sun. what ever color you can get from that is safe. STAY OUT OF THE TANNING BEDS. oh by the way i was not one to over use the beds. i only went 2 some times 3 times a week.
Reply:You don't wear anything in the tanning bed. BUT YOU MUST invest in the tanning bed sun screen or else you'll fry your little **** off.

The results are being tan, obviously. It take a few trips for you to actually get a decent tan.
Reply:Hi :), well usually you wear lingerie or just go nude, and wear eye protectors, they do work well, but they are best for a one off or two off basis, because they are very dangerous and have been known for causing some forms of skin cancer because of the uv radiation.
Reply:DO NOT tan. I tanned as a teenager and I'm now 29 I can already see wrinkles appearing around my eyes and it sucks. As far as I can tell they are from the tanning because I exercise, eat right and don't smoke. Having darker skin is so not worth wrinkles (or skin cancer for that matter).
Reply:I know that tanning your skin in those things can give u skin cancer so I would not even try especially if your skin is very white %26amp; sensitive
Reply:Tanning salons are bad. Sunbeds are very bad. The results are after only five minutes, you go red and blothcy. Plus, it damages your skin. spray on tans are not any better. They damge your skin also. If you get a tan now, everyone will know its fake. Wait until summer, and get a tan the good old fashioned way! Don't forget sun tan lotion! 30 SPF min!
Reply:They all are a little different but the one I go to you wear a bikini and bring clothes to change into i usually bring like a light tank top dress and then you just follow whatever the salons instructions are and are usually brought into a room you pay for how long your going and results are ok at first if you do it alot you get tanner
Reply:it works well and it depends hoe long you want to stay in.

but the ones that you spray on are better and safer.
Reply:i actually just got back like 10 mins ago

just go in and tell the person its your first time and they will take you through everything..and if you have any questions...ask

i wear nothing when i go, and after about 3 times in a row i see good results a nice even tan thats not too dark
Reply:well it is a bed like contrapsion that you lay in that has lights. Or some you stand in depending on the model of bed. You can either wear underwear , swim suit or go naked.( i go naked) You go in the room strip down put on lotion( it makes you tan faster) lay there for up to 20mins(in the old school beds) 8 for the newer ones. Then you get dressed and leave. and you have to do this for about a week and then once you get a base tan you can go just a couple of times a week.
Reply:Don't do it, but if you will, here's some tips how to do it smart:

Good luck!
Reply:you go in to a tanning bed with towl and then they put the lid down tan for like however min u want the u can take the towel off liek most peopel or u can get a spray tan email em lol ill tell u more =]
Reply:For all information and details about tanning please check out